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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sorry if I was all over the place yesterday with that butter stuff.

I did get a few questions about the butter, which I'd like to address:

1. Does all of this butter need to be refrigerated? yes.

2. Do you use unsalted or salted butter? I always use unsalted butter for everything. Alexis Stewart has mentioned repeatedly on her radio show to only use unsalted butter for baking. And then I heard Martha Stewart on her radio show say that she uses unsalted butter for everything. She said that salted butter was produced when refrigeration wasn't as widespread, and today's recipes don't compensate for the salt already in butter.

3. Where did you get your 4 oz Ball jars? I got mine at Superlo here in Memphis. Had to go to two locations. Darby says she got hers from Wal-Mart, but I generally avoid Wal-Marts in metropolitan areas.

Okay, onto a few things that will keep this from becoming a baking-only blog. This will be random as well...consider yourself warned.

A) This American Life.

Where the heck have I been? I've been listening to the weekly podcasts for the past two months and have enjoyed every single one. It's crazy...I'll be driving somewhere, listening along, and get to my destination and not be able to get out of the car. Once when I really needed to go inside somewhere, I unplugged my iphone and listened to it walking through the parking lot, holding it to my ear. Nerd alert.

If you haven't listened to this wonderful radio show yet, you should definitely give it a shot. I stream it through the NPR app on the iphone, but obviously you can get it through itunes as well, or listen through their website. Each week, they present 3-4 stories on different themes, complete with interviews and emotion-evoking mood music. I have been known to laugh out loud, but also have teared up on occasion, not going to lie.

Supremely enjoyable overall, that's for sure. (Also it makes me feel like a real adult listening to a radio program regularly.) [image here]

B) I compiled a list of phrases for you that have recently caught my attention. Drake and Zeke, the local radio show I listen to in the mornings, have been reading "lists" of the past decade. One they read recently was "most annoying office phrases" --this got me thinking about turns of phrase that have recently been either delightful or totally annoying.
1. Phrases that tickle my fancy:
a. "pretty as the morning" --heard on Lonesome Dove
b. "isn't that just a pot of beans?" --Jonathan's grandmother said to me on the phone
c. "oh piffle" --a classic Jonathan's grandmother phrase

2. Phrases that have been grating on my last nerve but have maybe been guilty of saying at one time or another before I could stop myself:
a. "compare apples to apples"
b. "thinking outside of the box" --that is so a not outside-the-box thing to say
c. "cheat sheet"

[full list D&Z were referring to here or maybe here]

Are there any particular phrases that you abhor or love? Any podcasts that you wouldn't miss if your life depended on it? Please share!

Here's a Christmas-y photo for you, lest you think I forgot the spirit!

Santa night-light by our back door. I like 'eem.


  1. what made you come up with such a Blog title??

  2. "Throw someone under the bus." I absolutely cannot stand that phrase! And, of course "or whatever" it has taken over the English language.


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