peppermint palmiers

Monday, December 14, 2009

"palmiers" ...

...pronounced palm-ee-ays

I first saw this recipe in the Better Homes & Gardens special holiday baking issue while waiting in line at Home Depot, of all places.

How could I resist that photo?

As previously mentioned, our Sunday school class wives have a cookie exchange/swap/contest every Christmas.

I've also previously mentioned that I'm not an uber-uber chocolate lover, so dainty/pink/frosting-y photos like this just call my name. [I also love (most) all things mint/peppermint.]

There were 23 participants in this year's Cookie Exchange. With four cookies/bag + plate for tasting...quick math: it's over 100 cookies!

The only palmiers I'd made before were the ones here, made from puff pastry sheets, sugar, and a little kosher salt only. Never had I gone beyond this simple idea and made my own dough...though I did already grasp the general concept of rolling/folding/slicing them to get that swirly center.

[my peppermint palmier close-up, with powdered sugar/milk glaze]

After my test batch, and some expert taste opinions [thanks Gregg], I decided to add the glaze to the cookies for a little extra sweetness.

Also, I used peppermint schnapps instead of white creme de menthe, because it was $10 cheaper at my liquor store. So who knows if that made much of a difference? Any opinions on this?

Find the full recipe here. You can't just whip these up real quick--there's some freezing times involved after each step, some rolling out, etc.

But once you get these rolled up with the filling inside, they are super easy to slice and bake (basically).

...and they're pretty darn melt-in-your-mouth yummy.

I tried to package them like "peppermints" ---

with the recipe folded up inside...

[fully knowing I wouldn't win the Best Packaging prize. Look at Martha's cute boxes she printed...

and the winner: Carrie's adorable Starbucks cups

...for her chocolate espresso cookies!]

Yep. We go all out. 'Tis not for the faint of heart.


up this week: our tree (finally!) decorated, pinecone garland, some cooking from the weekend, and pumpkin butter!

Happy Monday!


  1. so many cookies. we really are all ridiculous.

  2. Ooooooh, yummers!
    I need to enlist Martha and your help this coming year if you're interested. I had so many cute ideas (in the abstract) for packaging this Christmas and ended up overwhelmed with orders, etc, as always, and I didn't really get to any of the great packaging. Y'all have such great taste that totally jives with mine... maybe a meet and taste after the new year? :)

  3. They were delicious, and I think the peppermint schnapps was a perfect substitute. Thanks again for inviting was SO fun!

  4. the peppermint schnapps makes ALL the difference. Loved them!

  5. I am still enjoying the cookies as a snack right before I go to bed with a big glass of milk.


  6. J'adore peppermint aussi!

  7. Leslie,

    You outdid yourself again! I loved your cookie. So unique, tasty, and your peppermint packaging was so clever! :)

  8. those are seriously adorable. I may copy.


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