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Monday, December 21, 2009

Now, I know these are not everyone's cup of tea...

[from modcloth]

but I just love 'em. Wearing them today with these:

[beautiful Frye knockoffs from Target]

Btw, the Frye boots themselves:

look how similar! insanity. Sister first brought these to my attention.

plus this skirt:

[from BR this fall]

and brown turtleneck... something along these lines:

+ black cardigan [no photo]

[I've really been overdoing the brown/black combo recently but it's too much fun.]

This outfit is either totally stupid or genius. not sure which.

"garden gams leggings"=too much?

(first saw these leggings on What I Wore, blog link on my sidebar. She's so adorable, I wish her full blog posts/photos showed up in Reader. the end.)


  1. I could wear this same outfit if I had those awesome leggings. :)

    Me like.

  2. i love the black/brown combo, work it!

  3. Love the leggings, and I am also a big fan of brown/black. I actually had a fraternity guy question my ensemble at a meeting the other day as I wore a black dress with camel/tan boots! Such a rookie!

  4. WHO is still asking if brown & black go together? Get with it, people.

    I believe had had leggings EXACTLY like those when I was 8 and my mom always says it's tough to pull it off the second time around...However, you can pull ANYTHING off so I'm sure you look fab!

  5. LOVE the leggings! I have been eyeing some cute ones at Macy's for awhile, but they don't come in Maternity sizes, so I guess I'll have to wait till next year. :( Will they still be in style?

    I like the black/brown combo, but I just can't seem to pull it off that well. I have a new brown purse that I've been wearing cause I love it, and I wear it even with my black outfits. Does that work too? :) Maybe you could do a post about if it works always or when it works. Just a suggestion! :)

  6. Are those boots too heavy for a girl? especially the second one.

  7. Leslie, I'm such a stalker/creeper! I totally just ordered those boots. They are so cute! Oh and I also love the black/brown combo.

  8. oh youre going to love the boots Shelby! they're so fun.

    also, these boots are not too heavy for a girl---at least for this girl. but i'm rocking the size 10. i don't think they'd be too heavy though...


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