Holiday To-Do List Extravaganza

Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm not the biggest listmaker...

[hot buttered rum waiting for me when I came home from working a catering event last night. YUM! seriously. delicious. I knew those Irish coffee mugs would come in handy sometime.]

...But if more than 3-ish tasks crowd my little brain, I need one. There's just something about taking a pen to paper and writing down what one needs to do. [And then comes the best part: crossing them off.]

I've done exactly 3 things for Christmas so far. This week just got away from me holiday-wise, but Jonathan has been very busy around the house doing some improvement projects (blinds, plumbing, cable--thanks Grant--touch-up painting, etc) so we should have the all-clear to get more done this weekend.

Hence The To-Do List. But we'll get there in a sec.

List of things done so far:

1. Got out the Spode.

One of the Jerkins Family traditions that we started our first year of marriage was to pull out the Spode Christmas Tree dinnerware we received for wedding gifts and use it the entire month of December. That way, we won't have to wait for any Christmas hosting events (which would be few, most likely) to use the festive dishes!

[that's a "Christmas Tree Garland" bowl on top of the regular dinner plate]

2. Got out the records.

Last year's addition to our traditions list was listening to vinyl Christmas records. While cooking dinner the other night, this guy accompanied:

[this one may or may not count since they're already sitting on the record shelf. so by "get out" i mean, get it off the shelf and play it.]

3. Procured a cute and cheesy Christmas doormat.


Things I For Sure Must Do / Want to Do / WILL Do:

1. Make this pinecone garland. (already have all of the materials in-hand.)

Directions and more photos found here, via Twig & Thistle. Cute, right? Something to keep.

2. Make this advent calendar. I'm so in love with this concept.

[directions here, via here] never had an advent calendar before...

3. Procure Christmas tree. Yes, we go live. Also doing a live wreath this year. Stay tuned.

4. Bake cookies for the annual Sunday School Class Wives' Christmas Cookie Exchange (could that description be any longer?).

I'm not sharing any plans publicly yet...people like to talk to trash to me because I may or may not have won in the past. But we'll see. I don't go in with any expectations. It's safer that way.

5. Pumpkin Butter. Why the heck not?

[photo & inspiration here, via fly through our window] Hopefully post + pics to follow.

6. Christmas cards. duh.

7. Have a good attitude about all of the above (because these are all things I really enjoy and want to do!), and be nice. (It's always safe to put that on a list.)

So, tomorrow (Saturday) has lot in store for it. Here's hoping I don't camp out in my Red Chair "relaxing."

We have tried to be fairly intentional about making Christmas traditions early in our marriage. This way, I won't try to force a million things and will already have several traditions in place when we (one day) have a tiny offspring.

For now, my stoic little kitty cat:

Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love this list. I love the holidays.

  2. Murtha10:41 AM

    Me like Red.

  3. me like hot buttered rum.

  4. I love the Christmas Tree Garland bowls--very nice! My mom and mother in law just gave us tons of pinecones from East Texas... I'd like to know more about your garland method, if you don't mind. Right now, mine are filler in my cachepot.

  5. Well you sure did a good job of stumbling upon it! In Dallas any over Christmas?


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