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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Merci to the following sites/friends who have linked to my paper goods recently:

Nishta, my school pal over at Blue Jean Gourmet [here]:

[photo by Sonya Cuellar]

[the above was a collaborative effort, with help from Marth and Jesse.]

Next was Katie L/"coltempo" who linked to these guys:

[taking photos of stationery is hardddddddddddd]

Then, Martha's dear (and now mine too) sweet friend Linnae ordered some custom stationery for the ministry she works for, Going Beyond Ministries (to go along with their new website--congrats!). She blogged about it here.

Thank you, friends, for your support and shout-outs!


  1. I just looked at blue jean gourmet yesterday and saw this beautiful invitation! I guess I didn't read down far enough to see that it was the work of you, Martha and Jesse! Way to go girls... just gorgeous!


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