We Went to Boston...and I saw these!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We went to Boston this past weekend and it was glorious. Jonny and I are absolutely smitten with the city and the regional area. We had a fantastic visit with our friends Erin & Jonathan and immensely enjoyed their company and overwhelming hospitality.

I'll post about the trip--photos and such--among several different posts (haven't loaded all the photos yet). But I wanted to post about these beautiful books today, because I got to SEE THEM in person at the gorgeous Anthropologie store we went to! Grace of design*sponge has posted about them twice [here and here] which is when I first fell in love.

Beautiful store (and handsome husband) where I saw and held the lovely books:

[you can kinda see the charming little oval window in this crummy phone picture, top left--I just like its detail]

They're not available online (anywhere I don't think?) until later this month, I think... SO PRETTY!

In true plant-nerd fashion, I took PLENTY of photos of fall plant arrangements around Boston. I think Jonathan was a little embarrassed... tee hee.

This is in front of the Anthro store:

Fret not--more where this came from.

p.s. "the blog break" was great, but I'm glad to be back. and it wasn't entirely b/c of the vacation, but it was nice to be out of town and not feel addicted to my phone (as much as I would've otherwise, that is).


  1. i'm so glad you loved boston, it's a city near & dear to my heart. were you at the anthropologie by the prudential center? such a great store. hope you got to walk newbury, as well!

  2. i think i'll take up re-reading the classics as an excuse to purchase those beautiful books. glad y'all had a good trip!

  3. Oh those books are gorgeous. A great gift idea. For your friend on Saint Nick, perhaps. Hint hint. (JK...mostly) :)

  4. I am so glad you had fun. Those books are fab! I think you owe yourself a treat...or maybe ask Santa for them??

  5. Love Anthropologie! Fun! I am dying to see more pictures! It was great to catch up with you yesterday!


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