Umbrella ella ella

Friday, October 30, 2009

[photo by aaron snow photography]

Since it seems that Mother Nature wanted to force me into bonding with my umbrella, that is exactly what has occurred over the past few weeks/months/years (seems like years, anyway).

Now, I generally like inclement weather. I like cloudy skies, snow, sleet, rain, wind, etc. Not only is it exciting, but bright sun hurts my eyeballs. And (most of us know by now), I do not like to be hot.

I suppose I'm a vampire of sorts.

Thus, I do not mind rain or dreary skies--but must say, all of this is definitely more enjoyable when one can be home with one's cat, a good book, and cup of tea.

I have a theory that good umbrellas are like good sunglasses: if you spend more than $2 on an umbrella (same w/sunglasses), you are probably more likely to take better care of it and not lose it. Sometimes this holds true, agreed?

So, if you've been enduring consistent rainy days as we have in Memphis, here are some umbrella options for ya:

["vanilla skies" from modcloth]

[Jonathan Adler from Barnes & Noble]

[can never go wrong with a solid green umbrella, Target]

[Merimekko cuties, here and here]

[there are also (usually) colorful and fun options at Gap or Old Navy, but couldn't really find any super-cute ones on their respective websites.]

Old Reliable [from Target]:


  1. Rain, rain, please go away. me like your umbrella, ella, ella.

  2. Cute umbrellas! You've inspired me. I have always wanted to own a cute umbrella, but I forget to buy one, and then end up grabbing the old tan one that came from who knows where or one that is half way torn up. Each time it rains, I tell myself I will go get a cute umbrella...


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