Bostonian Fauna

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[sorry if you felt like you took a beating with my post yesterday. it was for educational purposes only.]

Today's final installment about our trip to Boston will highlight the plants and pot arrangements I noticed all around the city. Most of the buildings and parks had already done their fall plant arrangements, and they were beautiful!

Have you ever seen such stunning hostas? I had no idea they got so HUGE and lovely in New England...

Adorable pot with cabbage, mums (?) and trailing ivy.

More cabbage filler and pretty pansies:

Yall know my love for croton:

Have you ever?

[sorry, please ignore the weird lady taking the phone pictures of plants...]

Tiny bit of croton nestled in with some mums:

Charming sunflowers at the Farmers Market on Copley Square, across from our hotel:

Mums, purple fountain grass, and cabbage:

Since my new-ish love for plants developed, one of my favorite parts of traveling is noticing the different varieties that grow in different parts of the country. This trip was no exception!


  1. me like boston plants

  2. I love the pot with cabbage and ivy! And I'd like to learn a few things from you in this area sometime :)


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