Boston: deuxieme partie

Friday, October 23, 2009

Whoa Whoa Whoa I love Boston!

The more time I've had to reflect and ruminate since we came home, the more I want to go again!

I'm going to try to do these in chronological order, loosely associated with our itinerary. Settle in and get some popcorn.

[WARNING iphone photos in this post mostly]

First day, we got there around noon. It was pretty chilly already--maybe 42 degrees. We rode a bus [Silver Line] from Logan airport to a subway stop ["the T"], and on to our hotel. Jonny (with help from big bro Chris) found a fantastic deal at the Fairmont Copley Plaza for our first night in town.

There it is. Right in the middle of the action, next door to the John Hancock building.

[Trinity Church on Copley Square, right across from our hotel. John Hancock building in the background.]

So we get checked in and walk around a bit, around the hotel. It is very close to Newbury Street.

Beautiful five-floor Banana Republic, converted from an old art school building.

After meandering a bit, we hopped on the T and went out to Cambridge to see Harvard.

[my cutie at Harvard train station]

Jonny and I both agree this was probably our favorite "attraction," if you will. It's a magical place. We couldn't quit making Hogwarts references/jokes.

Everything's so flippin' old and awesome.

Ate dinner at Mr Bartley's on Harvard Square. The tables there are super-close together, and we couldn't help but overhear some of an incredible sophomore boys' conversation about "Harvard girls." AMAZING.

Mr. Bartley's is famous for the burgers and the milkshakes/"frappes" ...

[some sort of Wall St. Journal Best Burger banner]

[my frappe=mocha Oreo]

[this was on the banks of the Charles River, where we stood for a minute watching Harvard people rowing]

Day 2 was Freedom Trail. It was dadgum COLD. 30ish degrees? I had to acquire another sweater, gloves, and a hat. NERD ALERT:

That's how cold it was. I look like some sort of eager beaver.

We saw a whole bunch of old stuff.

[where Boston Massacre occurred. Try to say that five times fast.]

[Declaration of Independence was first read to Bostonians from that balcony.]

[oh, just another QUIDDITCH game in Boston Common...]

[pretty fall tree in Boston Common + one dork]

We made a new friend...

[former Harvard professor/asst lacrosse coach/professional photographer/author]

After Freedom Trail, we met Erin & Jonathan in the North End for a delicious Italian dinner and some cannoli afterward. I wish I had a picture of that cannoli--it was YUM! Then, they took us to the town where they live on the North Shore, Hamilton, and where Jonathan (not mine) attends seminary.

Next day, we watched the Texas/OU game (barely pulled that one out, sheesh). After a loooooooong game with lots of penalties, Erin & Jonathan drove us around the North Shore. My, my it was beautiful.

Here's the lady of the hour and me at the beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA.

[it's fun being at the beach when it's 40 degrees. that dude spying on us thinks so, too.]

The next day, it snowed! I have proof!

We couldn't catch a standby flight on Monday, so our trip was extended a day. When we came back to Memphis on Tuesday--a mere five days after the mayoral election--look what greeted us at the Memphis Airport:

Erin & Jonathan, we LOVED visiting with you and seeing where you live! [sorry we don't have a picture of Erin's Jonathan too.] Thanks for your hospitality!

[I am planning a separate post for all of the flora and fauna I noticed/documented on our trip.]


  1. How fun!!! The leaves look awesome!

  2. You were right in my hood. I live on Yarmouth, which is between Columbus and Huntington, one block from Copley Square.

    Looks like you guys had fun despite the terrible weather last weekend!

  3. i hope you got your north end cannoli from mike's pastry! please tell me when you go back, i'll let you know some of my favorite old haunts. there's one flower shop right around the corner from harvard square that i know you would die for.

  4. Loved this post. You look cute and happy in these pics. You also look like you have short hair in the hat/scarf picture--I think I like...hmmm. :)

  5. I'm glad you got to go up north, but I'm also glad you aren't moving there. At least you better not be scheming to...

    I want that milkshake I spy.


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