An Autumn [Birthday] Weekend

Monday, October 05, 2009

Friday was J's birthday. After a nice run in the beautiful weather (see my sweaty face), we ventured to the venerable Jerry's Sno Cones for one of Jonny's favorite treats.

[WARNING these are all going to be ShakeIt/iphone photos but I'm doing the best I can.]

One happy birthday boy...

Saturday morning, Jonathan, Martha, and I went down to the Memphis Farmer's Market. Could there be a better site than a fall market?


Apples & Pears:

The wares of "the succulent-whisperer" (my term, not his):

The most perfect pumpkin ever:

Mini-pumpkins (Jonny's faves):

On our way out of the Farmer's Market, we stopped by the pet adoption tent. Whoops. This is "Aerosmith" (someone please adopt him and give him a better name), a Daschund/Border Collie mix:

Are you kidding me? Look at that face!

Had Dudley been with us, instead of kicking off deer season, I bet you $20 that the Carters would have a new puppy this morning.


  1. he is so very precious. I could have taken him home with me for sure, and if T had been there, it would have been a lot harder to leave the little guy there.

  2. A daschund/border collie mix? That seems like an unlikely mix...

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

    ohhhhhh my goodness. that is one crazy-adorable puppy! if we lived in Memphis he would be mine.

    also, hooray for Jerry's. I'm always sort-of afraid that I'll come back into town and discover they've closed.


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