DIY Day + Bonus

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today is DIY Day on A Soft Place to Land, brought to my attention by Lauren (who submitted her fantastically redone chairs).

I submitted the painted dresser (terrible photos and all), #174 on Soft Place to Land's list of submissions.

Here's where the BONUS comes in. This submission prompted a comment on my blog by another Soft Place to Land reader, Katherine at Grass Stains.

I was looking on her blog, and stumbled across a delightful post titled "Things People Say That Make Me Want to Hurt Them." Please find it here.

My favorite [annoying grammatical] mistakes that she calls out:

1. "all intensive purposes" instead of "all intents and purposes"
2. "Let's take Jerry and I's car." GRODY!

any of these just kill you too?


  1. 1. - leaving out a possessive before a gerund

    2. - ending a sentence with a pronoun

    i lose sleep over those things!

  2. It's funny you brought up "all intents and purposes" this was mentioned on an episode of King of Queens that I caught while getting a pedicure.

    I can't stand when people pronounce the "t" in often and when people say suposebly. Ugh!

  3. that's the sms coming out in you!


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