Another Registry All Over Again...

Monday, September 28, 2009

I went to help my friend Kate complete her wedding registry on Friday night at Williams-Sonoma and Macy's. A lot of the available household items are the same, but let me tell you, A LOT of them are different than when this old married lady registered almost four years ago. [Don't normal people remember their registry anniversary?]

Thought it would be fun to compile a list of items for a dream-world 2009 registry, could I do it over again. These are some items I would love to have, now that I actually know what kind of homekeeper (Martha Stewart's word) I am, but [obviously] have a hard (read: impossible) time buying them for myself.

[Another part of this "dream" registry is the dream that there is ample storage space for the following items.]

Dream Registry 2009:

[charming little salt keeper with magnetic closure, Williams-Sonoma]

[Martha Stewart Two-Tiered Cupcake Carrier, Macy's]

[Lacoste towels, Macy's]

[Silpat collection, including counter mat and cookie sheet mat (see Silpat Disaster '09), Williams-Sonoma]

[All-Clad odd-size measuring cups...are you kidding me? A measuring cup for 2/3 cup or 1 1/2 tablespoons? Heaven. from Williams-Sonoma]

Kate has incredible taste, and made some fantastic selections. It was a completely fun evening together.

For the recently-wed, what are some items you wished you could have registered for if you could do it over again? Or do you just put your big-boy pants on, bite the bullet, and buy these for yourself, like a responsible grown-up?

Meanwhile, my petite blog was nominated for Love! This Site, if you want to vote. here.


  1. I would have registered at williams-sonoma and gotten their bakeware. The gold stuff.

    I still love all the things I registered for, but I'm not even a year under yet. So I'm sure when I'm at 4 years [like you sissy] I will be feeling the same way.


  2. What fun we had! Much better than day two of registering...where were you when I needed help with China!!

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I've always been pretty envious of the whole wedding-registry gig, but have basically just bought the things I wanted for myself! by the time Jill and I cohabitated, we had so much kitchen stuff between the two of us, we actually had to weed out.

    that being said, I would go hog wild at Sur la Table & Williams Sonoma. baking pans of all shapes & sizes, cake stands, pretty bowls & mugs, table linens.

    but, you know, if the food tastes good, the stuff doesn't matter so much. right?


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