whoops / giveaway results + Sharpie pen

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So my first giveaway attempt was a complete disaster. I thought I had read and entered enough blog giveaways to come up with a creative one on my own. Obviously, this was not the case. Martha answered it correctly first, and then everyone could read the right answer, and then what's the point, other than good clean fun?

That said, I apologize. I'll try to come up with something that makes a little more logistical sense next time.

Next on the agenda...The Winner has been chosen through a highly scientific process. Said scientific entries below:

Then Leanne drew for me:

And now, ladies and gentleman, the winner is...

Congratulations Laura! (And congrats on your first week of having a blog. I know your contributions will be fantastic.) We know each other, so we'll email and decide which gift tags you want.

Also included with the gift tags is a Sharpie pen! My new obsession! I have been writing with one since Tuesday morning, and I am totally in love.

Thanks to all of you who played. I promise I will try harder next time.


  1. Thanks for nothing Leanne.

  2. Oh, and nice headset.

  3. ahhhh!!!! i'm so excited. i love your gift tags. i don't think i have ever won a drawing before.

  4. i heart sharpie pens too!


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