A Petite Rant: Drive-Through Post Office

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Let me say first that I am not a habitually prepared person. Some could (and even have) call(ed) me forgetful. Yet there is one trait prized by my DH and his kinfolk (I have observed this over these past several years of marital bliss), and it is that of preparedness. It is from this acknowledgement--and striving for improvement in such--that I commence this rant.

Observation made on Saturday morning in the drive-through mailbox drop-off line:

WHY and HOW can people not be ready when it's their turn to drop their mail in the mailbox slot? What have you been doing at home, where you gathered said mail? Did you put off all preparation until the drive-through, waiting to fold, address, stamp, and return address your outgoing mail items?

This makes absolutely no sense to me. This isn't the bank line, where you may have to endorse a check, get a deposit slip prepared, or even get out your drivers license from your wallet It's just not so much of a spur-of-the-moment errand.

This is mail. It. Goes. In. The. Slot.

Please be ready when you go through the drive-through mailbox. And if not, then by gosh pull up to the farthest one so the rest of us can drop in our fully-prepared correspondence and don't be angry when we pull around you to exit.

After all, we came prepared.

(does this vex anyone else?)


  1. Perfectly stated. Yes, this irritates me to no end. Especially the business type with 3 boxes full of mail that is being inserted little by little after pulling up to, yes the first available box, not the end!

  2. I just use my mailbox to send mail. So, no. We also buy stamps at Kroger. I see your point, though. That would be irritating!

  3. i would also like to pose the question of why their are 5-6 mailboxes lines up side by side in a drive through lane when 1 car takes up that whole space. why don't they space them out a little so more than one car at a time can mail?


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