Odds & Ends: NOT "odds & ins"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

[I extremely dislike when people type "odds and ins" instead of "odds and ends." Watch yourself, my friends.]

Saturday was mucho fun--really my kind of day. Started at Brother Juniper's for breakfast w/the whole family, then we moved on to an estate sale!

Got the beautiful books below--French Poems by Jenkins (almost Je-r-kins)!

Then we moved on to Sheffield's and made the trek out to Collierville... [Martha and Dudley had a lot of success, see here.]

Picked up these little jewels...

...and this guy (we always had Oreos out of these when I was growing up...my mom has this exact tin!)

Finished with delicious meal at the Long Leaf homestead.

Then, last night I made whole-wheat blueberry muffins.

I messed up the streusel, but they are still pretty darn good. There is all whole-wheat flour in them...not a lick of white flour. (Thanks, Margie, for posting the recipe!) Jesse and I had them this morning, toasted with honey and SmartBalance.

[bowl o' goodness]

[pre-oven and sans streusel. whoops! didn't know they were supposed to have the streusel on before baking. idiot.]

[our Beta fish watched me...]

[the finished product--please excuse the poor quality photo, I forgot to take a real picture.]


  1. Now let's go to Bottletree so you can have a 'real' one.

    Love your goodies sissy.

  2. Mmm mmm, loved them!


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