In the Market for a Cookie Jar?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

There are many many options.

Let's start with ceramic... [here and here]

Or maybe these pretty glass vintage ones... [here and here]

Maybe you have a hankering for eating cookies from Tin Man's head, or being able to see the cookie you're reaching for? [here and here]

Or maybe you want to eat out of something shaped like another kind of food? [here and here]

There's always a wise ole owl (but he may tell you to keep your hands out!) [here]

I love cookie jars (and of course their contents)!


  1. I vote ceramic or clear. Too bad I couldn't make one in my ceramics class...

  2. I do think I need a cookie jar, love the owl, so funny!

  3. Anonymous9:56 AM

    we never even keep cookies in the house, but i might have to get one now that i have a "vintage" blue formica countertop to put it on! maybe i'll just keep pasta in it?

  4. Terra Bella Pottery sells this same owl once and a while on


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