Identity Crisis?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Yesterday, Martha and I were strolling through the mall, having just made an exchange at the Gap, and discussing how much we love wearing cardigans recently. Since it's summer-almost-fall, and our offices are often chilly, they present themselves to be the perfect apparel addition to whatever outfit we seem to put together.

We both love reading jenloveskev, where Jen posts her "style files" several times a week and where she got the pieces she's wearing. She is a very [skilled] thrifty shopper.

During our discussion of cardigans, I mentioned how Jen seems to find random/cute items from American Eagle, and how awesome that is since we both quit shopping there around 1999. Maybe we had been too close-minded?

So I say, maybe we should walk past and look in the window and see if there's anything promising? Martha says, I don't know if I can do it but ok, but we have to make sure there aren't eagles on everything and no one sees us.

We peer in the window and see a mildly cute short-sleeve cardigan (no eagles on it anywhere), and look around to see if anyone we know is walking by. The coast was clear, so we venture in.

There, on one of the front tables, is this absolute gem:

How freaking cute is this? Are you kidding me? No eagles on it, no "Rugby" stitching or jersey numbers or faux school crests anywhere.

Sheepish and embarrassed, Martha and I traipse to the register where she buys the yellow one (pictured) and I buy the grey one (couldn't find a picture but it's grey with white polka dots).

As we walk out, I say, "I think I'm having an identity crisis."

...wearing today with this:

[shirt from BR]


[love these pants from Gap]

oops. Martha told me not to tell anyone of the cardigan's origin.


  1. I love it. I need more cardigans. Boston is a cardigan city, even in the summer

  2. haha thank you!! You should never can give up on a store (well except abercrombie!) they will surprise you sometimes!! I am glad you thought to look in there!!
    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog it is very very sweet!!

  3. i applaud your bravery! and i'm right there with you on incognito two favorite pairs of summer shorts came from...delia's. seriously. don't know what possessed me to enter that store, but i'm glad i did!

  4. Hilarious. Your description of AE circa 1999 was right on the money. And glad someone else mentioned the evolution of abercrombie. One year it's all flannel, the next year it looks like Victoria's Secret meets Harvard. Gross.

  5. Laughing. Out. Loud.


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