I made a really good salad

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

...and we ate every bit of it. so there are no pictures.

(inspired by my pal Laura S.)


1. "Spring Mix" lettuce bag (reminds me of those salads at Davis-Kidd)
2. sliced strawberries, about 6-7 big ones
3. thinly sliced Granny Smith Apple
4. Golden Raisins
5. crumbled feta
6. rotisserie chicken, shredded (we gave a small piece to Red, but this doesn't make him a beggar because he didn't really ask for it)
7. poppyseed dressing (couldn't find low-fat or "lite" so we just went for it)

Items 1+2+3+4+5+6+7=delicious

This print is nice, too.

[print from beauchamping on etsy, via black eiffel]


  1. That sounds very tasty. Maybe one day you can come over and eat that with me since tdud would not?

    And how could you not love that print, it seems that Texas is very prominent sister...

  2. Laura4:43 PM

    sweet.....:) glad I made the blog


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