Cooking Casualty

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sometimes I hate me. Poor little Silpat.

I'm an idiot.

We had the Reasons over for dinner last night and I made this "Summer Fruit something-or-other" with peaches and strawberries. Its presentation was lovely, but it is not the tastiest thing ever made, imo.

I baked it on my beloved Silpat baking sheet/mat/thing, and it came out nicely browned; but the galette was too floppy to transfer from pan to platter. So I thought, no big deal, I'll just serve from the pan, using my also-beloved Cutco spatula spreader [image below]. IDIOT!

(By the way, when I googled "cutco spatula spreader" on Google images, a photo of Katie Holmes came up on the first results page...what?)

Cutco, as usual, "came through"--and not just in the cutting sense. It went through the Silpat Santa brought me last year!



  1. I can't help but laugh at you.

  2. Jenny9:42 AM

    I can relate to your cooking casualty, I've had two this week. First, I scaled myself with tortilla chicken soup when it over flowed out of the measuring cup. This incident left me with a huge blister on my finger. Second, I made homemade jalapeno poppers and stupid me didn't wear gloves and scooped the seeds out with my bare hands. Jalapeno juice is like oil that soaks into your skin. As a result, my hands were on fire for the past two days.
    Do you think Martha or Julia ever had cooking casualties?

  3. i'm sorry about the casualty. ps check out my blog now. i'm a link queen!

  4. i ruined my silpat too - i forget what i did to it, but i know i had to get new ones!


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