Strawberry Succulent Pot/New Blog Name

Thursday, July 09, 2009

(picture from here)

combine succulent love + strawberry pot J's mom gave me = FUN

Oh goodness, I want to make one. How fun are these?

Honestly, this project is a little intimidating. Making one of these suckers involves a piece of pvc pipe buried in the center with holes in it for better water distribution to the individual plants.

Well, I have procured said pipe piece (peace pipe?), cut it, poked holes, and it is too long. ugh. We've no saw at home, blah blah blah.

I'm scared I will kill everything in the pot. Water too much, water not enough, too much light, not enough light....? I've killed more succulents than any other plants I've had. (but to be fair, succulents comprise the highest percentage of plants I've had.)

(above) pretty, however gangly. I'll want mine a little tighter and fuller...(found here)

(above) bad picture, but nice thought... here

pretty pictures below (obvi not strawberry pots but still BEAUTIFUL): (from apartment therapy)

A few months ago, I bought some sedum cuttings from a charming etsy shop The Garden Sage, and they have grown wonderfully so far! They mail you these little cuttings in plastic baggies, plant them in some soil and water sparingly. I put mine in a few coffee mugs I got at an estate sale and they're doing great. Pictures soon.

bought red sedum:
and sedum lineare varigatum:

**As for the new blog name: this is it, folks. Wanted something a little shorter and sweeter. And along with my kitty's profile, I think it's a good match. Plus, my mom really did say that to me all the time. Thanks, Marth, for the help with the banner!


  1. It does look s'nice.

  2. Hi there! I am a succulent fanatic and just wanted to tell you not to be so intimadated by them. I have a strawberry pot full and I do not worry about them...they are outside in full sun, get watered twice a week and no PVC pipe involved. I have cactus and succulent soil in the pot (you need well draining soil)...that is all. Have fun!!!

  3. Dear Sharp Stick in the Eye,
    I found your blog through a friend of a friend, long story short, I loved the entry about the succulents and having a hard time with what to do on our east facing screened in front porch that was hardy, but could be brought into the house in the winter (living north for the first time ever...ugh!). SO I tried it and although I couldn't find a strawberry pot this far north, i did do a nice little tiered arrangement of pots that looks great.


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