10 Things that Make me Happy

Thursday, July 30, 2009

[vintage cheese cutting board from SweetLoveVintage on etsy, here]

1. clever marketing

2. bright colors (except red...don't love red)

3. beautiful photos

4. handmade party decorations

5. baking and licking the spatula

6. thunderstorms, snuggling with my kitty

7. Google Reader

8. dresses with belts (not all belts)

9. vintage-y kitchen items

10. a stack of freshly cut paper, ready to be printed on

dress with a belt: [from here]

bright color: [from here]

handmade party decorations (bouquet made from old sewing patterns): [via Country Living]

beautiful photo: [from allison rodgers photography]


  1. i especially love #5. Love beautiful colors as well, but I do have to say I love red :)


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