10 reasons I "NEED" an iphone

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

1. I'm good at the internet.

2. I'm not a fly-by-night Apple user; have had my ibook laptop since 2005.

3. I like to google things. Just to know for sure if ________.

4. Helps with parlor games.

5. You can choose which voicemails you want to listen to. how can phones get any better than that?

6. The Mini has an auxiliary input...I could totally listen to Pandora in my car! Sheesh!

7. We are currently under no phone contracts. We pay our phone bills month-to-month, so to leave Verizon would not cost an arm and/or a leg.

8. They're pretty and now they come in white.

9. I could take pictures of things and send them to Martha if I wanted! There are too many funny things that happen to not be able to document and send/save easily with a phone.

10. Everyone else is doing it!


  1. not only can you listen to whichever voicemails you want, but you can listen to whichever piece of whichever one you want. so, say you miss the phone number in minute 2:17 of a voicemail? no more listening to the whole thing again...just scroll to minute 2:17 and listen again! that's actually one of my favorite features.

  2. I second Leanne, but also you must get one. I get to send you photos ALL the time, but you never get to send me any.

    Amy Turman is doing it now, you need to too!

  3. The voicemail will definitely change your life. And you definitely need it for those times when you don't have the camera but are in dire need to take a picture. You deserve one!

  4. Do it. We have instituted a savings envelope for the specific purpose of our 2 iPhone purchase come june 2010, when our contract is up... no contract for you = no problem! :)

  5. Jonathan1:05 PM

    If anybody leaves you a voicemail over 2 minutes long then you probably shouldn't be friends with them.

  6. not to burst your pandora bubble but they're passing new policies that limit free usage to only 40 hours a month (i listen to it 40 hours a WEEK), and then after that it's $.99 for the rest of the month. not crazy steep or anything, just FYI!

  7. i use mine all the time to snap quick pics and email them to the blog... so that could be reason number 11... it would help your blogging!

  8. If you do it, I'll do it. Or ask Grant if I can. Whichever comes first. Love the new look/title.

  9. It. Is. Worth. Every. Penny.

    (Agreed with Mandi--new banner/title is perfectly "you")


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