Things Come in Threes: Red-Letter Day

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sheesh yesterday was nuts, and I know everyone's talking about it everywhere.

First thing: Michael Jackson's sad death almost shut down the internet. article here.

After reflecting today while I am so blue about his death, I have come up with two main conclusions:

1. Michael Jackson never really had a chance. Lifelong fame and a weird family can really do it to a person. My friend Leanne said she heard on NPR this morning that maybe people subconsciously never just wrote MJ off after those child abuse allegations because the media and the public had a feeling like "we did this to him" -- forty years of constant barraging made him this way.

2. He was obviously immense talent. Like crazy-talented, and the world actually knew it. It is this point that makes me mourn the fact that my children will never be alive at the same time as Michael Jackson. Kind of like how I'm sad I wasn't alive while Elvis was.

Second thing: the mayor of the great city of Memphis "resigned" yesterday.

While this is a cause for great rejoicing for myriad reasons, I absolutely loved Wendi Thomas' article here, titled "Herenton resigning? Don't Plan the Party Yet." After reading the article, please view the comments section below. (Reading the comments posted after Commercial Appeal articles is always entertaining, but this article really brought out the killers.)

My favorite of the comments:

Posted by uofm2alumni on June 26, 2009 at 2:14 a.m.
"Wendi I am shocked that you would write such an article about our great mayor. However, it's your opinion and I respect it.
Today I was disappointed when I saw his news conference. I don't want Willie to go anywhere!
You people can go ahead and rejoice but remember the same thing that will make you laugh will make you cry."

Now, as a rule, I have never posted (to my knowledge) anything that could be construed as politically controversial. But that last line is just too good. What does it even MEAN?

Third thing: Hasheem Thabeet was drafted by the Grizzlies. While I sincerely hope this helps the franchise, I dislike it was "known" that he didn't want to come here. Maybe he will become thankful when he realizes that we have no income tax?


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