Pride and Joy: the courtyard

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

If ever something existed that would prompt me to say, "This here--this is my pride and joy," it would be my little courtyard. I can really lose myself out there, plucking, planting, pruning, rooting, watering, scheming... there seems to be no end of distraction contained in this small little bit of earth. In fact, the other night I got accused of perhaps liking my plants more than I like my husband (which is obviously absurd, but they run a close third).

I tried to put together some little before-and-after collages, so you can see how things have really grown. J's mommy gave me the two plant stands which are spray painted apple green. I also spray painted two patio chairs bright yellow (you can see in the top picture) but i'm working on some new seat cushions, so won't do a close-up for now.

Before (as in these were just planted):

Clockwise from left: geraniums; two-tone lantana with a little bitty tomato plant and a jade; climatis vine with marigolds and caladiums; (my coup) two colors of coleus with caladiums, creeping jenny, and marigolds.

After (taken last week):

Clockwise from left: lantana; tomato plant with marigolds/salvia; caladiums, more marigolds, creeping jenny, and climatis vine (hasn't bloomed yet); The "Coleus Coup" coleus/caladium/creeping jenny pot.


From left to right: aloe + 2 succulents on plant stand with small planter below containing "Polka Dot" hypoestes and marigold/salvia; jasmine vine with blooming chocolate chip ajuga; trailing petunia in hanging planter; crepe myrtle with sweet potato vine, marigolds/salvia, and some rosemary (bottom right hand corner).

Rooting some coleus and sweet potato vine for Marthie:

Hydrangea blooms are coming!

Thank you for indulging my nerdy green thumb aspirations. If you are my friend and are interested in getting cuttings of anything, just let me know! This will be the end of my plant-posts for a while...


  1. I love your courtyard!! Design the front of my house and lets get started!!!

  2. I am so impressed! Will you come give me advice on our poor, pathetic yard?

  3. So cute! I want to come over and just sit there for hours with some coffee! Can I invite myself?

    I just planted some lantana too. One pot looks pretty good, while the other is already starting to dry up and the flowers are browning. They are both getting equal sun and water. Any advice?

  4. Love it, Leslie! I'm with Martha, when we start working on our yard, I'm hiring you! :)

  5. I love your courtyard! I need your help with my back yard!! I need your patience and green thumb skills!

  6. Thank you, friends! Yes, i would definitely love to help and/or give plant suggestions.

    Carrie, you can definitely invite yourself over and we'll have some coffee! As for your lantana, do you have any basic Miracle Grow mix? I would do 2 small scoops of that + empty milk gallon and water the heck out of it. Lantana love sun and heat but they definitely need lots of water. I dont really think you can over-water those buggers, especially with our level of heat and sun!

  7. Leslie-- this is amazing! I'm thinking I'm going to need to give you a call before I head to the plant market. You're an inspiration! :) xx

  8. Anonymous1:34 PM

    I like turtles.

  9. Love your pictures - you have such a beautiful space.


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