LOVE this dress!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am in love with this dress, just got it at BR and wore it today. It is so soft and comfortable and I don't feel like an enormous cow who's been drinking sugary beverages and eating too many Baked Cheetos. This post may be dullsville, but I'll show you what I put with it.

with this cardigan (in a plum(ish)-colored purple)

and these shoes:

Maybe one day I'll get the whole fix-my-hair-and-wear-makeup part down. Until then, I'll just try to put together nice ensembles and get away without really doing it?

What part of an ensemble do you try to get away with not doing?


  1. Jewelry. See my recent post.

  2. Leslie! I just found your blog. You are awesome. I want to know about your stationary! Shannon

  3. You always look SO put together. Remember, I want YOUR hair! I don't know what you are talking about with your makeup. It always looks great to me! :)

    I really let a LOT go now that I'm a mom. Sad, but very true. I used to spend so much time on my outfits, jewelry, shoes, etc. Now, I spend my $ on him and not so much on me. I've got to get better about this...

    Oh, and BTW, I love the outfit you put together. I love that it doesn't all match exactly, but it all goes and works. Teach me.

  4. I try to get away without doing any of it. I wear as close to pajamas as I can get away with and my hair is often in a wet bun because I didn't feel like drying it...eeks. Am I the next guest on what not to wear?!

  5. Lipstick. Never wear it. Basically b/c I can't stop kissing on Sylvie, and I don't want lipstick all over her! Cute ensemble, by the way. You ALWAYS look chic. :)

  6. I want that dress!!!


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