Monday, June 08, 2009

Several weeks ago, this intriguing project popped up in the blogosphere via Design*Sponge , and then Stacey commented on it too. After carrying around these horse templates in my purse for several days, I sat down and starting tracing and cutting for myself.

I used old file folders, bic pen boxes, and paper clips:

Here's my little renegade stampede (this photo's colors are off):

I didn't get to do any painting or embellishing, just cutting. I drilled holes to attach the legs with one end of a pair of scissors, and unwound some paper clips in the place of brads.

These are surprisingly therapeutic to make. I've got most of them up on my bulletin board running in a little group across the bottom. Templates here.

By the way, I wonder how many all-time blog posts have been titled "A Horse of a Different Color" or "That's a Horse of a Different Color" ??? Maybe a million?


  1. I'm glad your blog title was "Horseys!"

    I missed you sissy.

  2. Very neat project! You are very talented!


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