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Monday, May 11, 2009

It's been raining raining raining so much recently. While this is good for my flowers, it's not so good for my succulents. One of them is literally rotting and I am very sad; am going to have to take it to my parents' Greenhouse Rehab Center (2 of my succulents already reside here, thanks to Red's love for succulent play-toys).

First week of the 4-day workweek was a success! I got so much done on Friday: purchased fabric for new headboard and bulletin board, plywood and 2x4s for headboard, paint for my dresser, spray-painted 6 frames, went for a run, and got my new car title and license plate in my new name. Unfortunately, I have to prime the 2 patio chairs before getting to paint them, and need to purchase spray primer first.

If it will ever quit raining, I will post pictures of my garden soon, as well as before-and-after of the dresser and patio chairs.

We were over at Martha and Dudley's new house some this weekend too, and they are making tons of progress! Those should be some killer before-and-after pics.

Mother's Day was good. Martha and I made a toast at lunch yesterday: "to not being mothers." I can honestly say that this year, I am perfectly content being thankful for my own mother(s) and grandmothers.


  1. your audience is patiently awaiting these pictures you say you will post!

  2. oooh! what kind of bed are you making? I found the most fabulous bed that I want recreate, but I have no idea how to go about doing it. so I'm excited to see how yours turns out!


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