Project #3: Headboard

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alas, Marilyn, I had already had the headboard finished last Thursday night. I just hadn't posted it yet. (Sorry to be a stinker!) Also, as always, this picture of it stinks. And we don't have proper bedding on it yet. A better picture is down the road.

The fabric I chose for the headboard is "Koto" by Alexander Henry, purchased at Jo Ann (my favorite new addition to Memphis).

This is the best online picture I've found up-close of the fabric, pattern shown vertically (found here):

What I didn't realize until we started putting this together is that the pattern is not really horizontal on the bolt. Well, it is, but it's not. There would have been no way to have the pattern be horizontal without cutting and sewing a piece together to get the pattern vertical. Does that make sense? Kind of a bummer, but Martha convinced me that the pattern is irregular enough that it didn't matter.

I kind of got in trouble w/J for not doing enough research before tackling this project. Admittedly, I just thought "Oh, Martha made one of these and winged it... we'll be fine." Well, Martha's mind is far more technically oriented than mine (she actually liked to play with legos when we were little). So, after a few adjustments, we got this puppy put together.

Materials for our full-sized headboard:

-piece of plywood cut at Home Depot 56"x35"
-one 2x4 cut into two pieces (this is where we ran into initial problems with my stupid brain) ... they ended up being cut into two 40" pieces
-2 yd of fabric
-staple gun
-2 yd batting (also from Jo Ann--not sure the thickness or anything, I just asked the lady)
-2 longer screws for the 2x4s
-decorative tacks

If you want more detailed instructions, just ask me or leave a comment. You pretty much just lay the batting down, fabric over it, and staple gun it around the sides, and screw in the 2x4 legs. We just hammered in the decorative tacks for a little something extra (I was able to figure out this math on my own). I would estimate this whole thing cost under $30. I can't remember what I spent on the wood, is the thing. And we already had access to the staple gun.

Possible cover for the bed from Ikea (link here):

Obviously, there can never be too much green in my life... and I want to bring the green out of the headboard fabric.

Caveat: I am beyond thrilled about traveling to Ikea this weekend while we are in Dallas visiting family for our 4th annual Memorial Day trip. I've been working on my Ikea list for weeks!

I'll post a little mini-project tomorrow peut-etre.


  1. Ah, we will be at Ikea (Atlanta) on Friday. Let's make sure not to visit our respective stores at the same time or else we might overload their system. :)

  2. You are so fab. Nothing peut-etre about it. :)

  3. I have a lot to say about this post, Leslie!

    1. I love your head board! I've always wanted to try to make my own. I am very impressed!

    2. Didn't know Jo Ann's had Alexander Henry fabric. I am going to have to check it out. I love his kid's fabrics and often order some for C through ebay.

    3. I love Ikea. Don't you wish we had one? :)

    4. And, totally off the subject. Let's do lunch. I will be done with school after next week. So, soon!

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