Project #2: Bulletin Board

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Behold my new bulletin board. I searched and searched online for inspiration, tidbits of instruction, and some good pictures of completed ones before attempting this, but never really found detailed instructions for exactly what I wanted to do. I didn't want criss-cross ribbon, a magnetic board backer ($), or fabric swatches sewn together for the front.

So I will include my own little instructions here. It really wasn't very hard. We finished this in about 20ish minutes, when all was said and done (have yet to complete Step Six, which will take 5 minutes after a trip to the store?)

First, I got this frame from the leftover pile on the street at Martha's house after the estate sale was held there (don't worry, I didn't take it until the house was officially "theirs" and the estate sale was finished). Read: FREE. There was this picture in it of a barn that was kind of neat, but Jonathan hated it. Plus, the picture was ruined from getting rained on and would've been slightly expensive to salvage, so it went to the trash. I was going to spray-paint this frame, but I kind of liked the wood/linen-ish look w/the fabric I picked out.

Step two: I picked out this fabric at Jo Ann, and purchased one of those 4-packs of cork board tiles. Unfortunately, the frame required another tile (cut in half) but I didn't want to spend another $10 and have 3 tiles leftover. Enter: crafty mother-in-law to the rescue. She had a spare roll of cork that I spray-mounted to a piece of foam board for width and cut to size. You can kind of see the line there because it's not exactly the same width as the cork tiles, but cheapskates can't be picky.

Step three: spray-mounted the cork tiles to a thin piece of cardboard, which was cut to fit right inside the frame.

Step four: spray-mounted the fabric to the cork, and trimmed the extra fabric on the sides. Then I staple-gunned the corners behind the cardboard piece.

Step five: slid the whole cork/fabric/cardboard piece into the frame, where Jonathan staple-gunned it in, kind of at an angle, using longer staples. He may have thrown in some extra staples for good measure.

Step six (which is not complete yet): get some little hanging bracket thingys from Home Depot to screw in to both sides of the frame for hanging. This shouldn't be too hard? It's going to go above my desk where I do stationery orders, more like a real office/studio deal.

There you have it. Again, my apologies for the semi-crummy picture.


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