Project #1 of 457,891: The Dresser

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just kidding. I'm not planning to do almost half a million projects, although sometimes it feels that way when I start making lists. Seems like the more blogs I read, the more projects I want to do! But it's fun nonetheless!

So we finally got the dresser painted and put back in place, and I was able to snap a few pictures. We definitely have to clean out our "ebay pile" (i.e., junk pile) and such that's on the floor around it, but we'll get to that. Several things have to happen first--you know how that is.

Without further adieu, dresser before:

...and dresser after (sorry these are not good quality):

I have to give proper credit to my dear husband, who was responsible for touching up the blue stripes on the drawers, and did a very wonderful job getting them so exact. He definitely has more patience than I do! He had this dresser from before we were married, I think it was from a thrift store... and it was full of my clothes, so I wanted to spruce it up a bit!


  1. Wow! I am very impressed! Very cute.

  2. I love it! Next up, bookshelf!

  3. Very impressed, Leslie. :) You are so cute.

  4. When are you coming over to help me paint something?! The grey and blue turned out beautiful together.

  5. You are so crafty. When are you doing a headboard? Project 457, 890? I am planning on doing a DIY headboard too. We'll see who gets it done first! (Ha. I am sure it will be you.) I need to find some fabric that I love...

  6. Precious! I love your color scheme. It wouldn't "go" in my house, but I'm learning that sometimes I need to put that aside and just go with what I love. Thanks for the inspiration!


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