Dead to Me

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

(couldn't resist blogging about this)

The above is the front page of the University of Memphis' daily newspaper, The Daily Helmsman. I believe it describes perfectly how I feel about the Calipari fiasco. This last 2 days of emotional rollar-coastering has been extremely taxing. He's going--he's staying--he's going--Fred Smith is there--"Kentucky is the Notre Dame of basketball"--Xavier Henry is back to the drawing board--there's hope--there's no hope--"it's official"--it's not official--heartbreaking. All of it is simply heartbreaking. The Sweet 16 loss seems like a pleasant distant memory compared with the outlook of a sans-Calipari Tiger basketball program.

Last night, we mourned. We had our time of grief, Jonathan and I. We ate a hot-n-ready $5 pizza and Mandi brought us Muddy's cupcakes. I wanted to eat all 6 of them, but managed to just eat one (somehow). We/Jonathan played the song "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins for me while I felt the compulsion to weep. Jonathan described it like we'd been broken up with. I also feel like Santa Claus has died. The above may seem really dramatic. But the our family family fully comprehends and feels the weight of Tiger basketball and what it means for the city of Memphis. And the most [hurtful] bottom line to all of this is that Memphis simply wasn't good enough for John Calipari, in the end. It wasn't about money or really even legacy, in my opinion. Memphis isn't good enough and Kentucky is. And that one hurts. (Also to throw some salt in the wound: next year was to be the year --we were going to have one of the greatest recruiting classes of all time. Now, who knows what will happen next year, or any year for that matter?)

But I do know one thing: Jonathan and I will be sitting in the stands next year, watching whatever Memphis basketball team and whatever coach are playing in the Forum wearing our Tiger blue.

This day concludes my time of mourning. When I clicked on Cal's press conference this morning broadcasting from Lexington, and saw the sight of him sitting in front of a UK logo wall, it made me physically ill. I had no desire to hear any of the words from his mouth, and really feel like I was lied to. Just Friday, he told reporters that he wasn't interested in the Kentucky job, and wanted to stay in Memphis. Ah well. So we were lied to. You'd do the same thing for almost $40 million dollars. PSYCH.

As our friend Brett says, he is truly dead to me.

If you are a non-Memphian, and are interested in reading more articles about this, visit The Commercial Appeal website for a slew of info.

This one especially hurts: Geoff Calkins today.


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