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Monday, March 30, 2009

After the Tigers' heartbreaking loss last Thursday night to the Tigers of Missouri, a loosely forming resolve tightened ever so.

I am getting my house in order. The way I want it. Bit by bit.

Those of you familiar with our townhome know that it is a very nice, cozy space. Some of the decorating and fixing-up I have done in the past [almost!] 3 years of marriage has been haphazard and temporary. The thinking was, this is not our forever home, or even our near-future forever home, so why waste time/energy/money?

I have realized this is foolish. More props again to Laura Stephens, who after 3 months of marriage has her entire apartment organized, decorated, and put away. Why do I have to wait to get my stuff cleaned out and pretty? I DON'T! Reading all of these design blogs listed to the right has also helped me understand that decorating "the way I want to" does not cost millions of dollars either. DIY, etsy purchases, and estate sales have rendered fruitful for me recently.

This weekend we made a lot of progress. We scored 3 lamps at an estate sale on Saturday for $25. We rearranged the living room wall frames/art/grouping/stuff and made it a little more condensed, helping to make a more distinct separation between kitchen and living room. I finally bought the crepe myrtle I've been wanting to plant forever (also $25!). Also (drumroll please) we bought a new couch! Value City Furniture holla! Once this puppy arrives, we will return the Kelleys' couches to son Tyler and go couch sans loveseat. I hope to score a good recliner/chair as its replacement soon.

This, with the completion of The Great Closet Clean Out 2009, has made me feel so much more positive and bright in my own home. Not that our house was ugly or disgusting before, but I feel so much accomplishment and peace about getting our right-now home arranged in a way that makes me happy. And it does make me happy! Pictures to come. (i am terrible at the before-and-after, and picture taking in general, sorry)

here's a picture of a cute kitty, thanks to Jonny


  1. I wish I could see photos. You must get better about your picture taking sis. ;)

    (notice: the name I called you...)

  2. Oooo, new couch. I'm drooling!

  3. amen martha--more pics please!!


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