petite cuteness

Friday, March 13, 2009

How adorable is this? Ooh, it makes me want to snuggle in with an afghan, a cup of chamomile tea, and my kitty cat to just needlepoint away during this bout of rainy and cold weather. See link here, such a cute etsy shop/concept.

Also loving this site, Rifle Design, and all her illustrations. Blog is here. She's been featured on the round of design blogs recently, and I hope she joins etsy soon!

One more thing; what is the general opinion on "expecting"/pregnancy silhouette notecards? Too cheesy? Lame? Cute? I printed a foldover w/someone's name the other day but I'm not sure what I think...


  1. I love the needlepoint. Maybe I can make one myself.
    As for the preg-o cards--I don't think of them as cheesy, but I'm also not crazy about them. I think there are cuter ways to make pregnancy cards. there's my less-than-two-cents. :)

  2. Hi Leslie!

    I do love silhouettes, but not sure what I think about a pregnant lady. I agree with what Erin said about them.

    I haven't seen you in forever! Let's do dinner sometime in the next few weeks!


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