Clean Closet!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

(Still no Diet going on 2 weeks and it's gotten easier.)

Tuesday night, Martha and our friend Laura came over to help me clean out my closet.

A precious few people were priveleged enough to see my closet in its tornado glory. Working in retail for three years has granted me access to a large volume of clothing articles, at prices most consumers could only dream of. I am the first to admit my closet was a terrible site that had gotten completely out of control... shoes in a large, haphazard pile... sweaters kind of folded underneath the bag with the dry-cleaning clothes... shopping bags galore and hangers stuffed every which way and belts falling out of the sky. Honestly, the closet looked like it was vomiting and the doors wouldn't close all the way. This was just something "I would deal with later," like most of the little piles I like to acculumate in other rooms of the house. Sometimes I would blame the fact that it's not a huge walk-in closet; but honestly, there is more room in there than I gave it credit. Truly embarrassing, but something I felt I couldn't take hold of fixing by myself.

The catalyst for all of this was going to Laura and Ryan's apartment for small group on Sunday night. Everything is so organized, clean, and put was so calm there, and you could tell that they didn't just clean up because they were having people over. I was sitting there, looking around, and thought, "this is how I want my house to be." When going to sleep that night, I resolved that it would have to start with and tackle the Nauseated Closet.

I am happy to say, thanks to Laura and Martha, four hours of tedium/deliberation, and three trash bags full later, my closet looks the best it's ever looked. And I feel free. I let go of things that I should have parted with long ago...not only that, but I was able to let go of duplicate clothing articles. And by duplicate, I mean something that it not exactly the same as something else, but fulfills the same function as another item I like better. I am unencumbered by the need to hold onto things just because they were a good deal or they're good quality but out-of-date.

*Indulge this last clarification: I am going to say that [I think] one of my talents is the ability to wear things all different ways and in different combinations; thus I actually do wear most all of the clothing I own. This is not the perceived norm: it is usually assumed that people with a lot of clothes cannot possibly wear everything they have. I know this is not necessarily a humble statement, but I believe I was good at actually wearing about 92% of the clothes in my closet.

Thank you Laura and Martha! I could not have done it without you. Maybe I'll get really on-the-ball and post a picture or two.


  1. HOLD ON a minute there! What is happening to those trash bags? Are there any duplicates that might befit your dear old friend Jesse Faris?? For instance, you had two pairs of Citizens and needed to get rid of one pair?? Eh?

  2. Seriously Jesse! WHat I wouldn't do to be at the Goodwill in your neighborhood when you come for drop offs! If your closet was anything like it was when you lived on Guadalupe and I was trying to help you move out for the summer...then Martha and Laura are saints! ;) just kidding. way to simplify Les!

  3. Erin, I actually did think a lot about you and that time you were helping me pack up for the summer and how ridiculous it was. It's crazy how quickly I can accumulate things. But I am excited about having been able to do this!


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