Addicted to Q-Tips

Monday, March 23, 2009

Not only have I recently given up Diet Coke forever, but another comfort/addiction break-up is looming on the horizon.

I love q-tips. I love the feeling I get when I get out of the shower and my inner ears are wet, and I clean them with a q-tip. It is such a satisfying feeling. Unfortunately, Jonathan has read some things that talk about how bad q-tips are for your ears and eardrums. This breaks my heart but yet I can definitely see where this would be anatomically true.

So we made a deal: once my stash of q-tips had run out, I wouldn't buy anymore. We made this deal 6 months ago, and for months I have been reaching into the package almost every day, and breathe a little sigh of relief when there are still some in there. It's kind of like the fish and loaves when Jesus fed the 5,000: I just keep thinking maybe the supply will never run out?

Alas! Last night, I finally decided to take inventory (had been just reaching in and not letting myself look at the certainly dwindling supply).

I have 5 q-tips left. Just 5. What am I to do?

What solutions do any of you have for getting clean ears? Do they involve q-tips? Help!


  1. Oh man, when my inner ears itch (which sounds weird, but you know what I mean), then the ONLY thing that works is a Q-tip! I've heard bad things, too, but I convince myself that I am not falling prey to the harm because I wet each end just a little before I stick them in my ears. Does it make any difference? I have no idea...

  2. Anonymous9:41 PM

    This is verbatim from the back of the box of Q-tips:

    CAUTION: Do not enter ear canal.

    Here is a link to a diagram of the ear:

    If you are not putting the Q-tip in the ear canal, then you're fine. But the only thing that people really do with Q-tips is shove them in their ear canal.

    Sorry to be such a wet blanket, but I prefer everyone to keep their hearing so they can hear all of my wisdom, not just read them on blogs.

  3. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Another link:

    Death by Q-tip:

  4. I heard this in college, and quit buying/using q-tips then. I know it's gross, but all you're supposed to do is stick your index finger in your ear to clean it out. That way nothing gets pushed in there too deeply. I have always had severe issues with ear infections, etc., and once I have quit using qtips, things have actually improved a bit and I don't have as many issues.

    "Ears should be treated like the delicate structures they are."

  5. Leslie, you should look into baby q-tips. They are shaped differently, so that you can't push them in too far into the baby's ear. I use them with Sylvie. Maybe you don't have to give q-tips up after all! ;)

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