The Saturday Nap

Monday, February 16, 2009

So it's a widely-accepted fact that Sunday afternoon naps are imperative. In our household on Sunday, we go to church at 9 a.m., usually eat lunch with one of our families or some friends, and then go home around 1-2 p.m. and crash. (Jonathan, it must be said, not so much I-must-take-a-nap-or-perish.) And rainy weather notwithstanding, I am darn GOOD at these naps. I can conk out for a solid 2 hours, no problem.

Recently, though, I have been dabbling with the addition of the Saturday afternoon nap. Now Saturday is not the last-chance effort that Sunday afternoon is... so there's less pressure to get in a "good one." Nonetheless, the craving for a two-nap weekend has become a regular propensity for me. Poor Jonathan... I don't know how to retract my growing love for the Saturday nap! It's become necessary.

p.s. I LOVE this little cute! Find the listing here.


  1. I LOVE the blog heading picture thingy. SO cute. Is that an Aaron Snow pic?

  2. you always post the cutest stuff!


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