Take this for what it's worth...

Monday, December 22, 2008

This may be beyond the realm of the readership's sphere of interest...but please humor me.

So I am the champion of my work group's fantasy football league 2008. It consists of a group of guys who invited me to join probably just to be nice--little did they know Team Danica would pull out the W week after week, to end the season the champion and 12-2 overall.

Special thanks to Deangelo Williams, who basically won every playoff game for me single-handedly. Despite Tomo Romo's December curse and the Steelers defense's best efforts of playing badly yesterday to sabatoge the championship game, Deangelo's 4 touchdowns in last night's game sealed the deal.

Haven't decided yet if I shall return next year for a repeat effort. Might just let the mystique remain...


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