A Few More...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Aaron Snow is awesome. I love the one of Jack (Martha's 'page boy') ... it is the sweetest picture.

In other news, the big St Jude Half-Marathon is Saturday--eek! 2 days away! Martha, Jonathan, and I will all be participating and running the 13.1 together. I have visions of crossing the finish line, holding both of their hands raised in the air in triumph. Oh wait, that was me and my dad during the full marathon 4 yrs ago. :)


  1. Loving these too and loving that sweet little boy!!

    I commented back to you on my blog....

  2. Leslie, Aaron did an AMAZING JOB (as expected) with your pics! Oh my goodness--captures your personalities to a tea! It's hard to pic a fave, but I think I love the bottom one the most (on your last post) AND the one of y'all reading your magazines. Classic.


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