The Quality of Straws in Today's World

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I want to know if it’s just me. Has the quality of straws decreased over the past few years? Remember when we were kids, and we were taught to open straws by thudding them against a table or a hard surface? Nowadays, I hardly ever do that anymore, as I’ve ruined too many straws doing so, causing annoying little air holes which slow down my beverage consumption.

I ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Southaven today, and was thrilled to have been given a special treat to enjoy with my large ice water: it was a very sturdy red straw hiding under its paper wrapping, just waiting to be thumped against the table and opened in all its thick and quality glory.

I thought to myself, “When did this happen, that I am now excited over a good quality straw?”

So I ask you — when and WHY did this happen, that it is now the acceptable norm that straws are flimsy and can easily incur holes while opening them?


  1. Example #1: Sonic Straws. This has made me enjoy my slushes, Route 49 drinks even more. When I discovered them it made my day! And besides Straws, what about ice? Am I weird loving the crushed ice they have compared to cubed??

  2. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I, Craig Hodge, believe that all straws are basically the same. They all suck. (Actually, they don't all suck, but it was a good joke)

  3. I was just going to say: Sonic Straws! (I saw that someone already posted about this!) Ms. Ann actually goes to get them every week so that we can use them at wed nite cafe! :)


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