Big Girl Business Trip

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I just took my very first bona fide business trip last week to the St Louis area to visit my sales territory and meet the field sales executives that I’m aligned to in my area of Southern Illinois and a portion of St Louis. It was a very productive trip, meeting customers and discussing their shipping in person was really helpful for me, and I think for them too.

I got my own hotel room, a (generous) food stipend, and carried around a Blackberry and a legal pad folio thingy with my business cards in it. So corporate.

Yes, I had this very corporate moment on Wednesday of the trip (it was Tues-Fri), sitting downstairs in the restaurant at the hotel, about 6:30 in the morning waiting for one of my field reps to meet me at 7 a.m. I needed a phone number from my computer at the office, so I get out my legal pad and the blackberry and start making calls while ordering coffee and breakfast in my business suit. I felt like I was looking at an alter-ego, like “who is this girl?”

But I actually got into it pretty well and enjoyed myself, learning more about customers and asking appropriate and intelligent discovery questions about their business. It was a very affirming experience.

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