Summer = Blech

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some/most of you have heard me discuss this in the past. I do not like hot weather. I prefer wearing a jacket and/or scarf, jeans, etc. I can put together much more creative outfits for cold weather, I decided last week. It's totally uninspiring when it's so blasted HOT. Now, if we lived in a more fun-hot climate (which I wouldn't like during the months of October-April), as in there is a beach nearby, it may be more tolerable. But still. The beach is nice in doses. Bright sunlight hurts my eyes.

Not trying to be Debbie Downer. Reading the Twilight series has revealed a deep longing for me to someday live in the Pacific Northwest. Now that's my kind of climate...cloudy/rainy/cool...jackets all year around, green foliage, mountains, water, the whole package. Maybe I'm supposed to be a vampire? Nah...but geez, I'm not looking forward to the next 4 months (come on, let's be honest, September is hot too).


  1. OH, Leslie. I think you live in the wrong city. The humidity here is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I'll have to tell you about the summer I moved here.

  2. i'm glad you live HERE though!

  3. Oh, Leslie. I am so glad that you live HERE too!!! :) I just thought it was funny that you do not like the heat. Didn't you go to college in TX? Girl...

  4. i know, i'm insane. I never lived there during the summer, though. I came back to the balmy summer months of Memphis during college.


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