A Sad Birthday

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yep. I'll post pictures later. There's no doubt going to the Final Four is an awesome experience. The trip itself was extremely fun, up until the end of the championship game. From the championship game, approximately 12:30 a.m., we began the driving trek back to Memphis. After one detour and one looooooong slow-down, we made it into Memphis a little after 12 noon yesterday, on my birthday. From there, I worked a half-day and my desk was decorated very cute, but the day was just so sad and so truly long. So so sad. I can't quit thinking about that fateful 3-pointer by Chalmers that sealed the downward spiral. If only...

Maybe next year, I'll have a birthday that can be truly Happy.

No no don't feel sorry for me. It's not like having birthdays now are like they used to be. I did get my favorite delicious Gibson's donut from my husband with a candle in it to blow out. And I did make a wish. Bet you can guess what it is.


  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Your last paragraph brought a smile to my face, which has been hard for anyone, including Grant to do. In fact, I finally shed a tear or two today watching video footage online. So thanks for a little happiness. To next year's birthday....

  2. Sweet Leslie, I am sorry. Maybe you should have a fake birthday so it can be filled with happiness. You need a do over.

  3. at least you got to spend 3 days with craigers!


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