Attention e-bay Bidders...

Friday, January 18, 2008

If there are anywhere from 2-5 days left in an auction, WAIT TO BID! What in the world is going on? One is merely ruining the prices for all of the other bidders and driving them needlessly sky-high, and prematurely at that!


A 2-year-old Banana Republic shirt that was listed at $0.95 had 5 days left. I checked again with 2 days left, and there had been 3 bids, driving the price up to $2.95. Now, in this case, $2.00 seems paltry, but don't you agree that, with such an amount of bidding time remaining, these three bidders had needlessly jacked up the price? Thoughts?

(I promised Jesse I'd give her a shout-out: we vented to each other about this recently.)


  1. I agree. There is no need to bid when there are so many days left. When I bid on EBay, I have learned to wait until there are only 1-5 min left. That way I have just enough time to outbid the other person, but hopefully there isn't enough time for them to beat me. And I also hope that the other bidder has either forgotten about it or thinks he has won since there is so little time left. Ah, the rush I get when I win!

  2. Hey Leslie, I've invited myself to your blog. And I totally agree about the Ebay thing. People drive me nuts bidding before it is necessary to bid. Of course, then you learn that you are dealing with a novice bidder, so it does give you an edge. Perfect for when you can swoop in during the last 15 seconds or so. I buy most of my kids' clothes on Ebay. Anyway, I never see you, mainly b/c I never go anywhere, so now I can keep up w/ you through your blog. If you don't mind. :) Love, your former babysitter, Rachel

  3. I always believe it is really just the spouse/friend/sister of the seller, or perhaps just the seller who has set up a separate account, plotting against those of us who are really interested in said product.

    if that's not it, then people, please get some advice before joining the ebay world. thanks for bringing up this annoying faux pas.


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