A Thought on Christmas Music

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I, like any other self-respecting Christmas fan, do indeed tune into Christmas music following Thanksgiving Day. WRVR and "StarLite" (the Sirius Satellite Christmas station) play very frequently between Thanksgiving and Christmas on my radio--'tis true. I only have one question:

Does anyone really like Kenny G Christmas music?

You'd never listen to him any other time of the year... yet somehow, radio stations near and far seem to think that just because he plays a version of "O Tanenbaum" on his saxophone/clarinet/mutant musical instrument, it's now acceptable to play LOTS of Kenny G on the radio. I mean, after all, it's Christmas. Let me tell you... it's not acceptable! I don't care that he may be playing an exceptionally heartwarming version of "Silent Night." It's still his weird saxophone/clarinet/mutant musical instrument sound blaring at me obnoxiously through my speakers and I don't care that it's Christmas--I still don't want to listen to Kenny G just because it happens to be December.

I much prefer Bing Crosby, Carpenters, Rosemary Clooney, and even if I must, I can tolerate boy-band-genre Christmas tunes when taken in light doses. But NEVER Kenny G! It's almost as bad as that "Little Drummer Boy" fusion song with David Bowie.

Am I stranded on an island of my own opinion on this one?


  1. That's funny. I don't mind Kenny G for Christmas only. But I think it's only because my dad HAD THE CD. ha. It reminds me of Christmases past.

    Every time I try tuning in to WRVR, they are playing some ridiculously obnoxious holiday song like a lady that has doubled her dose of Prozac singing "Do You Hear What I Hear?" or some mediocre 80's has-been who decided to write their own song about Christmas. News Flash: Writing your own Christmas songs is ALWAYS a bad idea.

    I'm with you--stick to the classics. Give me some Bing, Ella, and Nat. Oh yeah. (And maybe some Amy Grant in a bright red sweater with bright red lipstick. It goes back to the Christmases past theme.)

  2. I don't mind Kenny G songs at Christmas time as long as it isn't all the time. There are many other songs that I can't stand that are played a whole lot more, like "Christmas in Memphis", "I Believe In Santa Claus", "I Want A Hippopatamus" (after I hear it once or twice I've had my fill for the Christmas season).

    After a while, it seems like the River starts to play the same Christmas songs over and over. I listen to it at work and I usually hear many songs more than once throughout the day. And I'm not talking about a song sung by different people. I'm talking about the same exact song. Surely, in all the years that music has been recorded, there are enough Christmas songs to play throughout the day without having to repeat any of them.

  3. Hey! I like the David Bowie Little Drummer Boy remix.

    I'm with you on Kenny, though.

  4. I have been to a Kenny G concert- so there!
    Our family owns every one of his CD's and we play it while we decorate the Christmas tree. I am not even kidding.


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