Vacation, Indeed

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sorry for the long absence. Jonathan and I are headed to Destin tomorrow for a long weekend (and his fall break). If you work for Gap, Inc. full-time, you cannot take vacation days from November 1-January 10. So, I'm trying to get in one last fun weekend before Holiday Craziness ensues. I'm very much looking forward to sitting in a chair reading a book. Or not doing anything. Maybe just sitting. Maybe walking. Maybe talking. Maybe nothing. All of the aforementioned sounds marvelous. I cannot WAIT for R-E-S-T!


  1. Hope you have so much fun! We tried not to hog all of the good weather...hopefully we left some sunny-but-not-hot beach days for you to enjoy!

  2. I missed you in Memphis :(

  3. So fun, Leslie!!! I am jealous. I just love sitting in the sun reading and just listening to the waves. Eat some yummy seafood for me.

    Let's do lunch again when you get back ;)

  4. so glad you got to go! hope it was wonderful!


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