I need to take a poll...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How many days/washes do you go before changing out your towels? This has gotten to be a spot of contention in our household? Plus, I'm curious... ?

(This pictures is me with the bride and the maid of honor at the Austin wedding Jonathan & I recently attended... aren't they beauties?)


  1. I use a clean towel everytime. My husband does not. I think it's gross to use them more than once...since you wipe your lady parts and bunky when you get out of the shower. I mean, what if you use the same spot to wipe your face next time?! YUCK!

  2. Sorry Tesney, but I change both Nick's and my towels out...errr...I'm embarrassed to say it now...every WEEK. Oh well. It's the truth! It's as good as I can do--at least it's not biweekly!

    And for the record, I only wipe my, um, bunky on the edges and my face on the middle. They are both (hopefully) squeaky clean during the towel usage as they have both exited the shower.

    Oprah probably changes them twice a day...sigh.

  3. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Never before 3 uses. Typically once a week.

  4. Anonymous9:42 AM

    i'm with tesney - i'm an each and every timer!

  5. a week- you're clean after you get out of the shower right?...! please don't ask about sheets...

  6. I have to have a clean towel every time!! Seth could care less if his is clean and he always hangs it back up, but then I get it down and wash it anyways, because I can't stand to see it hanging there. I like to have a full stack of clean towels on the shelf at all times. OCD? Maybe.

  7. Probably every 3 days, unless Steven throws his used towels on the bed or floor (which is frequently) then it goes directly in the hamper to be washed. What do you think Les?


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