What to Write, What to Write...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here's the deal:

I don't have so many flashy pictures to display all of the time (no children). Witty banter is more appealing, yes, but the mass of it can be intimidating if time is limited. My readership may not be extensive enough for open-ended survey-type questions, and topics that interest me lately are common grammatical errors and growing healthy annual groundcover plants in full summer sun. Thus I find myself at a loss in the blogging world. To question or not to question? To challenge or not to challenge?

I won't write about the 5 most annoying things customers do when you work in retail. I won't write about my current pet peeve of misplaced apostrophes that signify no possession. I won't write about how my cat can jump almost 5 feet in the air and still faithfully plays fetch with us every day. I won't write about my new obsession with Sarah jessica Parker's clothing line, Bitten, in Steve & Barry stores, and how the closest one is in Nashville, and how I missed seeing its opening by one week when we were in a Dallas store location!

So, what to write, then?


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