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Monday, June 11, 2007

Thanks for the encouragement, Carrie. And THANKS for the info on the Jonesboro location, Kelly. The complete Oprah fashion show is at http://www.oprah.com/beauty/fashion/beauty_fashion_20070518_bit_201.jhtml.

I'm already strategizing about how I am going to get this coat. The facts: I know it comes out in August, and I know it's $19.98. Beyond that, it's going to be pure grit to get one of these puppies in my closet.

That's the beauty of this clothing line (I'm sure most of you've heard), but EVERYTHING is less than $20. How does she do it? Well, she said on the Today Show that she made a deal with some of the manufacturers, who usually mark up their manufacturing costs by factors of ten. I guess her charm and vision broke these barriers of cost. But really, who cares? I figure if this coat is $20, and it falls apart after 2-3 wears, I got my money's worth. Seriously. People have expressed concern to me about the quality of this clothing line. But if they're trend-conscious basics, and it's $10 for a woven blouse, who in the world cares if it falls apart after one season?

You get what you pay for, right?

Anyone up for a trip to Jonesboro?


  1. I am, I am! But, I am not so sure how a new baby fits into a shopping trip?? And, you know Seth can't watch him with our new hubbies schedule!!

    I think I might need that coat too! It's super cute!

  2. I am very excited about this new clothing line as well, and misplaced apostrophes irk me to no end...

  3. I saw that coat on Oprah and I'm DYING to get it. Can I come to Jonesboro? Or send you some money to snag one for me? Seriously, it's houndstooth; have. to. have. it. All Alabama fans LOVE houndstooth...because of Bear Bryant's hat and all. I NEED to be wearing this to the games this fall. Can you tell by my usage of caps that I REALLY WANT THIS COAT? Wish she had a website from which you could order...

  4. I can't believe I haven't talked about this clothing line with you yet! I too happened to see the Oprah episode in which it was headlined, and I am IN LOVE with the concept.

    When I told Nick about it, he said, "Oh great. More clothes." Yes, deary...but LESS money!

  5. Yes!!! I am in. I have been wanting to check out this line... Let's go!!! We can spend the night in jonesborro to be the first people in the store... haha- no I am seroius!


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