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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The first picture is the wall of Jonathan's cubicle before his last day of work. The second picture is Jonathan's adjustment of the letters.

He started school on Monday: General Chemistry I, calculator, lab goggles and all. I'm doing Memphis Workcamp this week, and am so excited to return to the outdoors! Before and after pictures of our Workcamp house to come!


  1. Bahaaa. I love this short puny post on your blog before you told me to "bring it."

    Ahem, bring it more, I say. ;)

    Hope you have fun this week!

  2. Cute! I am sorry- to be so out of the loop- come by and see us after camp with bear. I have loads of wife-of-student advice to give!

  3. Sorry I am out of the loop, but what is he going back to school for?

  4. pre-reqs for dentistry or medicine... yep, we're joining the BB club of medical-related pursuits

  5. Leslie,
    We will have to post some pics of our dear hubbies in their goggles and all. Did you hear about their adventure today?


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