Misdirected Bang Trims... What gives?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My bangs feel like this.

I am DONE with getting strangers to trim my bangs. One bad experience in New Orleans with the curvature (longer on the sides, shorter in the front); one bad experience yesterday (I had a gift card for a free haircut at a new salon in Germantown and thought, why not? Now I know why not!). This new lady is MID-CUT on my bangs, painstakingly trimming one hair at a time practically, when she asks me, "do you want them straight across or kind of jagged and different lengths?"

Of COURSE I DON'T want them straight across my forehead like a six-year-old! And when is it EVER a good idea to ask an opinion of the person whose hair you're cutting mid-cut?!? Never! By then, it was too late. And they're too short! AGH! There's nothing to do but wait for them to grow, at this point. They're too short to pin back or even wear a headband.

Maybe I can bring back hats?

p.s. I got a sewing machine for my birthday. Learning to use it is the next battle.


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